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Are you due to qualify in September? Don’t panic..!

5th June 2015

May has quickly come and gone, leaving many of us bewildered as to how half of the year has already passed us by. The vast majority of those juniors qualifying in September 2015 now have a much better idea of what area they’ll be qualifying into and where they’ll be plying their trade. Others, however, […]


NQ Careers Talks – 12 and 20 February 2014

12th February 2014

CapeClarke arranged two Newly Qualified Solicitor Careers talks in February 2014. Both of these talks focused on the current NQ market within the regions (excluding London). Throughout the talks we provided all the information trainee solicitors require in order to prepare for qualifying as a solicitor, together with detailed CV drafting advice. At each talk […]


JLD Winter Ball – 2013

15th November 2013

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the Leeds Junior Lawyers Division (Leeds JLD) Winter Ball 2013. The venue was superb, and a vast amount of effort was put in by Matthew Martin during the organisation. We look forward to many more collaborations¬† between CapeClarke and the Leeds JLD.  


CapeClarke/JLD Sports Day 2013

19th June 2013

We don’t only do drinks events…!!! This was as much fun as it looks!!!


The unofficial financial performance indicator – “the Trainee Retention Rate”

31st August 2012

It’s that time of year again when the larger UK law firms report their trainee retention figures for the year. As ever, these figures are greeted with a great deal of interest, as many tend to associate these figures with the current financial performance of the firm (whether rightly or wrongly). ¬†We have listed a […]


Partner moves back to pre-recession levels!

20th May 2012

We are technically back in recession, however it seems law firms in the City are looking past this, and are gearing back up to 2008 levels, according to a recent article on The Lawyer. Statistics show that partner moves have increased by 12 per cent on last year, and indeed are back to a level […]


CapeClarke Launch Event!

3rd November 2011

We would like thank everyone who joined us at our launch event at Sobe in Hirst’s Yard in Leeds. We felt privileged that so many of our legal contacts and friends turned up to support us. It is true that there is no other profession where free drinks result in attendance….wink wink nudge nudge


Guide to Interview Success

16th September 2011

Prior to any interview, we will provide you with bespoke advice as to how to approach that interview. However, we have set out below some very general tips which should assist you in any interviews you secure. PREPARATION Know the address and time of the interview as well as the names and titles of all […]


Phone Interviews – How to crack them!

10th September 2011

Phone interviews are increasingly being used for screening international candidates, and we find that it is being used more and more often as a “first interview” for candidates. Here are some tips to make the phone interview create some impact with the client. 1. Prepare for the interview in the same way you would for […]


An Interesting Summer: to Tweet or Not to Tweet?

24th August 2011

Twitter is fast becoming the celebrity’s favourite social media tool. It is used to inform the world of every detail of their private lives, their thoughts on important public issues or even what they think of the latest cinematic release. There is a fine line between unashamed self-promotion and egotistical bluster and nobody really cares […]